Bring your colleagues to Kuringen 2022

Fantastic arena for your workation, seminar and special days.

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80 outdoor seats, 80 indoor seats, fully equipped commercial kitchen and restaurant, 22 beds, floating sauna , outdoor bathtubs and outdoor fire place

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Summer Restaurant

Stokkøy Bakery tues-sun

kl 10 - 14

Open kitchen in the restaurant

kl 14 - 20

The bar stays longer open if we have guests


Book a table

Book Sauna

Book apartment 1

Book apartment 2


Bring your colleagues to the nature, design and architecture where creativity gets inspired. Groups up to 22 guests. meeting room, dining room, beds in nautical atmosphere, your own chef, floating sauna and kayaks.


Bring your festival to Kuringen. During all seasons we have hosted festivals with themes as  winter swimming and sauna, knitting and wool, local food and beverage, October and Christmas.


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